Deciding the type of accommodation is one of the major concerns for any visitor. Should I overnight in a public campsite or in a lodge/tented campsite? In fact, both are incredible, depending on your will and/or budget.

It's never enough to say how astonishing it is to sleep in a regular camping tent under a starry sky in the middle of the savannah while hearing wild animals. What's more, it's a great way to keep a low budget.

However, if you prefer comfort to adventure, then luxury lodges or tented campsites are also a great choice. While a tented camp consists of luxury tents, with regular beds and ensuite toilets, a lodge is a traditional room with solid walls. Despite being superior categories, none of them neglect embrancing nature. You will definitely enjoy from an exclusive yet authentic and traditional environment. Medium range lodges charge, on top of the normal camping safari rates, about 100$ per person per night and high-end lodges start at around 200$ per person per night.

In this page you can find the list of our recommended public campsites, lodges and tented campsites and some suggestions of hotels where you can stay in Arusha (before/after safari).