Being Africa's highest mountain and the world's tallest free-standing mountain at 5895 meters above sea level, Kilimanjaro is one of the biggest attractions in Tanzania and an unforgettable experience.It has three major volcanic centres: Shira (4160 m), Snow capped Kibo (5895 m) and Mawenzi.

No matter the route you take, no previous experience or equipment is needed.

No matter the route you take, no previous experience (only a good level of fitness) or equipment is needed (walking gear is advisable). The seasons are an important issue regarding climbing mount Kilimanjaro. Mid-November to mid-December and also in April and May are the "rainy" seasons. Nevertheless, we still organize climbs. In fact, there are some advantages in this scenario: crowds will disappear and there might be snow in the higher altitudes which will result in a extremely dramatic experience.

We can take you to the summit of the mountain through 5 routes: Machame, Marangu, Rongai, Lemosho and Umbwe.

We highly recommend the 8 days Lemosho Route, as it gives you the chance to cross the whole plain from west to east in a comparably flat hike while witnessing an impressive landscape and wildlife. Also, its high summit success rates and little traffic are a plus. The last 500 meters of ascent to the summit will be extremely demanding, regardless of your physical condition.

Although the Umbwe route is pointed as the most physically demanding route, experienced trekkers will enjoy having very few people around and being presented with fantastic views.

The Marangu route has a lower success rate (specially the 5 days version) as it does not use the "climb high, sleep low" principle and because of that we do not usually recommend this route.

The other two routes, Rongai and Machame, are ideal for time and budget limitations.The Rongai Routeis almost desert in terms of climbers which makes it excellent for encounters with wildlife. The Machame Route is one of the most popular routes, being the first choice of most seasoned hikers and providing impressive views and a variety of habitats.

Ascending the last 500 meters is extremely demanding, no matter the level of strength and fitness you have

We will be very pleased to custom the perfect private tour for you to climb Kilimanjaro.
In this section, you will find information about each route.

Marangu Route 5 or 6 days

popular route on which nights are spent in huts, and meals taken in dining halls.

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Machame Route 6 or 7 days

The Whisky route passes through different habitats while providing beautiful scenery.

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Rongai Route 6 days

Very few people and spectacular views.

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Lemosho Route 7 or 8 days

An unspoilt, remote, less-used and beautiful way up to the Shira Plateau.

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Umbwe Route 6 days

Often considered the hardest but most spectacular and direct way to reach Uhuru Peak

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