Designing and delivering safari itineraries is what makes us truly happy and that is why every client is unique for us. Quality and fair prices, being it a luxurious or a budget safari, reflect our commitment to sustainable tourism.

Some of the most exquisite hotels in the World are in Tanzania National Parks.

However, if it is hard for you to afford a lodge, you can still have a once in lifetime experience by staying in a campsite where you can sleep under a clear sky. There are also some middle term options, in every National Park, with an incredible value for money. One thing is for sure: no matter the type of safari, you will be charged the fair price, that we will invest in the quality of guides, cars, food, cooks, binoculars, etc.

Unlike some other companies, we don't reduce our prices by reducing the quality of the service. highly skilled and experienced guides, certified cooks, cooked meals instead of the usual lunch boxes, comfortable and safe 4X4 cars.

Some other careful details provided by us will improve your whole experience like high-end Nikon binoculars that you can use during game drives.
There is one more thing makes us unique in this business: although budget safaris can also be funny (specially if you want to meet new people) and within quality criteria, we don't think that you must be forced to join a group, in order to cramp the car and maximize profit for the company. We have adopted a different business model by offering private safaris for competitive rates, which are, frequently,lower than those charged for shared Safaris of 6 people by some companies.Even if you are just a party of two, we will offer you rates that are typical of shared safaris.

We believe in singularity and so you will find unexpected details in our service.

Regarding social responsibility, part of our profits are redirected to education, assisting children with no access to school. click here. if you want to find more about this. And do feel free to contact us via our profile at Safari Bookings website